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MacsPlus merges and moves ________________________________________________________________________ May 2012

For business and personal reasons, MacsPlus merged with Capitol Mac, located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.

Capitol Mac was one choice of several partners. They make service calls, have expertise, have authorization for Apple service and sales, but most of all for the integrity of the management. I found them to be straightforward in their dealings. That should translate into greater customer satisfaction.

MacsPlus founder Bruce Greene had never participated in a merger before and is glad to have Capitol Mac taking over clients for the Baltimore metropolitan area. "I still wish that I could go on the service calls personally" says Bruce, "but the personal side of my life brought me back to Minnesota".

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July 2012

For those who must deal with the Microsoft OS, I have tried the current beta version of Windows 8. It is quite different from any previous interface, and I am not impressed (except for their ability to not 'get it'). More later.

Aug 2012

Tech Toads, a Maple Grove, Minnesota computer store, has been sending occasional Macintosh referrals my way. Only a few of them actually call me, so Tech Toads and I have agreed in principal that they should take the Macs in and I will go to their store to work on them. We have agreed upon percentages,and look forward to satisfying more customers.